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I Got Opinions

This site is a production journal for the recent animated Greg Johnson music video for the song “I Got Opinions”. The animation was a collaborative piece put together by the Watermark Studio over a period of 8-9 weeks, involving several illustrators and animators with the intention of creating something different, unique and interesting.

You can view the animation on YouTube here

Firstly, we would like to thank Greg Johnson and EMI Records for giving us the opportunity to work with them on this project and giving us so much creative freedom.

We would like to make a special thanks the following people for contributing all their hard work and creative energy into this project:

David Way ~ Director / Writer
Simon Shaw ~ Producer / Artist (“Orange World”)
Julian Stokoe ~ Animation Director
AB Watson ~ Animator
Anton Petrov ~ Artist (“Carnival World”)
Dean Proudfoot ~ Artist (“Red World”)
Christen Stewart ~ Artist (“Purple World”)
Daron Parton ~ Artist (“Desert World”)
Katie McCormick ~ Artist (“Inside the Whale World”)
Phillip Small ~ Artist (“Grey World”)
Jo Tronc ~ Artist (“Green World”)
Mike Stephenson ~ Post Production Artist
Auckland Audio ~ Music Video Sound Engineering
LY Design ~ Music Video DVD Cover & Collateral Designs
NZ on Air ~ Support and Funding

All contents © copyright 2009 Watermarkltd. All rights reserved.

~ by yumyum on March 19, 2009 .

2 Responses to “I Got Opinions”

  1.   Mal Says:

    Beautiful piece of work, very talented… and I love the music

  2.   yumyum Says:

    Thank you very much! With such a great song, we really couldn’t go too far wrong and with so much creative freedom we had a lot of fun making it which was important for us :)

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